So! One person actually asked me a question so I’m going to keep posting about my diy beauty experiments and let myself feel important like that.

Apparently our water is going to be shut off into tomorrow morning, so I took the opportunity to take a nice steamy shower tonight and try out my baking soda, lemon juice, and water mixture. As always I wash my face with my Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil wipes before hopping in the shower to take off all the makeup and dirt, and then took a nice long shower to give my pores a change to open wide. I then mixed baking soda and water into a paste and squeezed in what I thought looked like a good amount of lemon juice. I massaged the mixture (of which I made wayyyyyy too much) into my nose and cheeks where my pores were the worst.

It worked well! Right now my pores all look pretty darn empty (except for this one pesky one that’s driving me nuts). The lemon juice tingled a little and the area feels a little tight right now. After my pores close back up I’ll throw on some jojoba oil, change out all my pillows and sheets and let my face relax for the night. Hopefully I don’t wake up with a wicked breakout.